Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Welcome 2009!


Okay, well I know I've been slack. I am actually revelling in the fact that I don't feel poorly at the moment!

The computer has been very up and down too which hasn't helped - we need to get a new one but we'll see what bargains there are to be had in the sales before we decide on that one!

Christmas here was just fab - lots of wine, lots of laugh, lots of family and friends and lots of joyfullness. I won't give you a blow by blow account of what we've been up to apart from to say that things are starting to calm down for us.

I'm not back in work again until Monday 5th and am trying to use the time to get a little more organised and a little more prepared than I seem to have been over the last two months.

I'm desperately trying to do my first Newsletter and organise that, so if you haven't signed up for it yet, now is a good time to do so.

I'm trying to catch up (and even get ahead!!!) on some Design Team projects so that I can then concentrate on Stampin' Up stuff in January. Stampin' Up! have a great offer on throughout January and February and I'll come and get things posted on here for you so you can see in the next day or two when I figure out how to transfer them over here!

Anyway, enjoy yourself this evening if you are going wild and partying and I will be back with you in 2009 - more frequently I hope and promise to try!

Have fun!


Tuesday, 23 December 2008

It's beginning to feel alot like christmas.......

Headaches, coughs, colds, sickness, tiredness AND no computer at home!

If I told you that the washing machine, the desktop, the laptop and the TV all blew up / broke within the last couple of months, would you believe me?

So I'm sitting here at work, tapping away quickly - as obviously I should be working (oops!) just to give you all a quick update and explain my absence.

Whilst we are all starting to get in the christmas spirit, having now been ill for about a month, every spare moment of time is spent doing nothing but trying to recouperate!

I had so many grand plans for what I was going to do this month and to all my new Stampers 6 girls, I know I promised you details two weeks ago (I promise to do those soon - they are my next priority - honest!).

I haven't made any christmas cards and I only started my christmas shopping on Saturday - very shameful for me - never left it this late before but have to admit to liking the sales at the moment!

Anyway, I'd better get on - just thought I would pop on and let you all know that I am alive but computerless at the moment but a big


and I promise to try better next year :-)

Have fun!

Natalie x

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Well have I been poorly this week?

It's been awful. I never used to get ill - never used to have the time but it just seems at the moment that I just don't feel 100%. As soon as I get over something then I'm back ill with something else.

So after migraines and sinusitus, and then a little self inflicted alcohol poisoning, then today I am feeling that I've been beaten up as I have been non-stop coughing since yesterday afternoon. Mix that with two boys (who I hasten to add are never ill) up at 4am coughing along with me, then it's a poorly house all over!

We did manage to fit in a trip to Lapland UK (not the New Forest one!) and have to say that we thought it was absolutely fantastic - the boys loved it and it truly was magical. It is a little expensive but have to say that it is worth every penny to go once. So if you have any kids under about 9 have a look at and put yourself on the mailing list for next year - fabulous!

Anyway, can you believe that I still haven't done any of my christmas shopping or made any of my xmas cards yet - terrible, I know - life is very busy right now as I'm sure it is for most people. I don't know what it is, but despite the 12 months notice each year, xmas always seems to creep up on us and then pounce!

Right - I'm going to get on anyhow and hope to report back with some xmas progress soon.

Have fun!

Natalie x

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

More at last!

I'm sorry that these are later than they were promised - it's dark when I get home during the week and the weather at the weekend was just awful so I had real difficulty getting good enough light to take anything that resembles good pictures.
So these were the other three sets of three cards for the Stamp-a-Stack evening.
I'm busy doing some DT work for ScrapbookMate this week with lovely new Rusty Pickle papers and my new Making Memories Slice Machine and Fa La La Design cartridge - how fab is that little machine?
As a person with no electronic die cutting machines, I finally caved in and got a Slice - I know that there are some negatives about the machine but it is perfect for what I need! I love it!
Anyway, I'm off to bed now and will show you my DT bits once it's on the website and will try and update again in the next few days. Lots to decide and organise this next week or so and will update you as soon as things are finalised!
Have fun!
Natalie x

Friday, 28 November 2008

Where is the sunshine?

I have been meaning to add photos of the rest of the Stamp-a-Stack cards together with some swap cards that I've done too, but when I have got home each night this week, there has been no light.

So, hopefully tomorow I'll be able to take some photos and post them on here.

I've got some Stampin' Up news to share too, so keep your eyes peeled this weekend!

Have fun!

Natalie x

Sunday, 23 November 2008

I promised that I would be back and here I am.....with pictures too!

I promised you some more pictures of the album that I taught at Scrap-a-Ganza and here they are. This class was originally designed by the BasicGrey Design Team with lots of pink and girly photos and I was asked to make a boy album from the same kit and this is what I cam up with. I love the colours and the sentiments too. The whole album is called "I wish you enough!"

The above page says: "I wish you enough happiness to keep your spirit alive and everlasting"

"I wish you enough rain to appreciate the sun"

"I wish you enough loss to appreciate all that you possess"

"I wish you enough sun to keep your attitude bright no matter how grey the day may appear"I

Mums pearls of wisdom for Ethan and Kian:

" I wish you comfort on difficult days, smiles when sadness intrudes, rainbows to follw the clouds, laughter to kiss your lips, sunsets to warm your heart, hugs when your spirit sags, beauty for your eyes to see, friendships to brighten your being, faith so that you can believe, confidence for when you doubt, courage to know yourself, patience to accept the truth, and love to complete your life!"

Even though this is a bit slushier than I am used to (more american than english, if you know what I mean) but I do really like it.

I did my first Stampin' Up Stamp A Stack class last Thursday which went down really well. A Stamp A Stack is where you stamp a stack of cards! We attempted to make 12 cards in 3 hours - we over-ran but I always guessed that would happen LOL! We had four different designs and made three different colourways - brown and pink, red and green and BLUE and white.

Here is a picture of the first set:

We had christmas music and even christmas cupcakes - how about these? Mrs Wonka is very very good at making cupcakes....
Anyway, I'm hoping to have a catch up week this week, and get myself a little bit organised as I seem to have lost any organisation I had. So I'm going to try and sort myself out and who knows, I might even start making christmas cards LOL!!!!
I'll show you some of the other Stamp A Stack Sets throughout next week too!
Natalie x

Friday, 21 November 2008

I'm here, I'm here

Will be back over the weekend with lots of piccys and a general update....


Natalie x

Thursday, 13 November 2008

I'm leaving......on a jet plane

Just a quick post. Despite still having this cold / lurgy, I am off to Holland tomorrow to teach at the last Scrap-a-Ganza event.

Thought that I would give you a sneaky peek at the mini book class that I am teaching athough the photo looks a bit blurry and distorted as there is transparency covering the front (and it's a pretty bad photo anyway LOL! - but it gives you the idea! I wish you enough..... I will share the rest after the weekend!
It's Kian's birthday tomorrow - my last baby will be 8!!!!! Unfortunately this photo sums them both up entirely - even though the photo is about 2 years old now!

Bless them! So up early tomorrow and then flying out to SAG in the evening. Things should start calming down a little after this weekend and you never know, I might just think about starting some christmas cards - helped by the fact that I'm teaching a class to make 12 xmas cards next Thursday - so that will be 12 made then!
Have a good weekend and have fun!
Natalie x

Monday, 10 November 2008

Finally some pictures.....

Well the desktop is still broken but I've managed to get some photos downloaded on the laptop, so thought that I would share photos of the Scenic Route album that I taught at Scrappers Paradise. I've managed to load them all back to front so you start with the back page! It talks about our first few Scrappers Paradises and has some very apt stickers used for journalling!
This was originally a class designed by Layle Koncar from Scenic Route and I've just added my little twists to it.
I've had a cold for well over a week now and I've got a Stampin' Up party to do tomorrow night so I'm off to sleep now.
Have fun!
Natalie x

Friday, 7 November 2008

It's friday already.......

I really cannot believe it -where has this week gone.

I've been busy preparing for a Stampin' Up! class tomorrow and also doing my class for Scrap-a-Ganza which is next weekend.

It's also Kian's birthday next Friday too - I cannot believ my little baby will be 8 - and that's the youngest one - how can all of this be happening when I'm still 21???? :-)

I guess I should mention the new American President. I have to say that as someone who doesn't get too involved in politics (I know, flame me now!) I did feel quite emotional that a man with a dream (which not so long ago would have been an impossibility), believed in himself and made it happen. I guess it just goes to prove that if you want something bad enough, whatever the odds against you, with sheer determination (and a few million dollars!) you can achieve it.

I am still without the main computer so still unable to upload any photos.

A reasonably quiet weekend planned this weekend (thankfully) so just some football for the boys and my party tomorrow am - rest of the time, doing the housework etc etc.

Got lots of things planned but can't share them just yet. Sorry!

Have a good weekend!

Natalie x

Monday, 3 November 2008

Did you see the blue box on the right hand side there?

I am planning on doing monthly newsletters which will tell you all about special offers and news together with some tricks, treats, tutorials and inspiration (hopefully!), so what are you waiting for? Go and sign up and I'll let you know when you can expect the first one!

Just to tease you something that Stampin' Up! are offering you if you host a party either in November or December - click on it to see it bigger - not only do you get great free gifts for hosting a party is more great news for you if you are a hostess:
And do you love the **NEW** textured cardstock and rub-ons in the new catalogue? Well spend £20 on anything between 10th - 31st November 2008 and you can get 20% off both. Go on - treat yourself! You know you want to......
So if you live close enough and want to have a fun night, then get in touch and if you want to order any of the cardstock or the rub-ons, then give me a shout too -

On another note, details for the next Scrappers Paradise event went live last night. We had lots of feedback saying that people thought that this was the best event yet, so we are keeping numbers down for April 2009, so if you're interested in joining us, you'd better make it quick.....send me an email requesting a booking form and find full details here at and go to the Getaways tab page.

Okay, that is it for another day (two posts in two days - I hope you are very impressed!). I have a stinking cold, so I'm off to make tea, do some boring household chores (dishwasher and washing!) and then I think I'll have an early night - got another SU party at my house tomorrow night!

Good night!

Natalie x

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Well my PC died..........

That's the desktop that I use on a daily basis - not sure if we will be able to retrieve anything off it (that'll be the last four years of my life then!) but let's just say that I'm glad that Damon moved all of our photos onto an external hard drive a couple of months ago - phew! That's another reason why you haven't seen the photos of my classes from Scrappers Paradise last weekend yet either.

Scrappers Paradise was just great. We had reduced the numbers and it really had the intimate feel that we had at our first event. So many people commented on the fact that they thought that it was the best one yet, so we are reducing numbers for the next one too - which I've just released again - last weekend in April 2009!

I was straight back to work on Monday - knackered due to lack of sleep (lets just say husband with kidney infection before I went away and new snoring sleeping partner at Scrappers Paradise!). I was straight back into a Stampin' Up! party for over 20 people on the Tuesday night and then of course rushing around for Halloween and such.

Now I have to say that for the last four years, I have become somewhat renowned for my Halloween parties but lets just say with bedrooms being painted and new carpets being fitted last week too, I am really happy that one of the other mums offered this year! The kids loved it - all of our road are ready for Trick or Treaters too which adds to the fun and what with Damon being off work with the kids for half term, it was nice for my husband to be at the party too (he normally arrives just as it is finishing!) Plenty of alcoholic beverages were consumed by the adults and lets just say that we felt a bit worse for wear on Saturday morning.#

Our weekends are starting to be taken over by the boys football and they had training Saturday morning and then it was a clearing up the house from all the painting etc - the house looked like a bombsite - boxes and furniture everywhere. And then we were off to a dinner party with Mrs Wonka . Now Damon and I are real foodies, so we love going around to someone's house for dinner who is a foodie too. I have to say that Tony (Mr Wonka!) did himself proud - dinner was gorgeous and yes, of course it was chocolate for pudding :-) Thanks Mr & Mrs Wonka - you are my gastronomique heroes. Over to us next time xxxxxx.

And then we were up again this morning. Both the boys had their first official matches on their new teams today and I had promised to go and watch them both - one at 12 and one at 4. So we all went off to Pizza Express to fill the gap in the meantime. Then of course, it is back home to sort out and make sure that we have school uniforms, PE kits and such like as the boys are back to school again tomorrow.

And that is kind of where we are up to right now. I have another Stampin' Up! party on Tuesday, dentist on Wednesday and I cannot remember the rest of the week so better go check.

Okay, war and peace over - sorry for no pictures. I really need to start uploading some of my Stampin' Up! work too. There is a couple of great offers on for November and December but I'll wait to tell you about those in a day or twos time!

Hope you have all had a good weekend.

Have fun!

Natalie x

Monday, 27 October 2008

I know that I'm rubbish....

and I know that I start every blog post apologising for not updating frequently.

I am absolutely shattered having had a great Scrappers Paradise Getaway this weekend. Most of last week was preparing for it. Now it's over, as much as I should be able to relax, I've got a Stampin' Up! party to do tomorrow night and then bedrooms to empty for painting and carpets to organise!

Let this week be over and then calm will be restored..........and then I'll get ill!

Will photograph and show you my Paradise classes later in the week and share but for now just gotta go to bed.........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Natalie x

Saturday, 18 October 2008

La Mola album

This is the front of an mini album that I have made this week. It's got a mixture of KI Memories and Doodlebug flocked paper and if you look closely at the orange paper, you can see the KI Memories lace paper.
La Mola is a fort in Menorca which when Damon and the boys were too enthusiastic about going and looking at it, I have to admit to being less than enamoured. I thought I might sit in the car whilst they took a look around - until we found out it took 2 - 4 hours to get around. I gave in to keep all my boys happy and have to admit to really liking it. It was really quiet so the boys could run around to their hearts content and they loved it - through the underground tunnels and all the secret places, there was a new surprise for them around every corner.
I'm on Scrappers Paradise alert this weekend as I cannot believe it starts next Friday - arrrgghhhhhhh!!!!! So looking forward to this one for some reason - not really sure why - just know that I'm going to have sides that ache from laughing so much and will revel in spending time with good friends.
So best get on and perhaps, I'll give you some sneak peeks later.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
Natalie x

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Oh dear (again!)

My hopes of updating this blog a few times a week just isn't working is it.

I am really busy 1) working at my "proper job" 2) being a mum who does more homework than her kids 3) finalising my classes for Scrap-a-ganza and Scrappers Paradise 4) organising and running Stampin' Up! parties, orders and deliveries 5) not even thinking about my Cathy Z class that I haven't even started yet and we are nearing the end of week 2 or the fact that I haven't even thought about Kian's birthday next month or that dreaded C word (Christmas!). And lets not talk about organising decorators (hi mum!) and carpet layers and trying to workout how to furnish Ethan's bedroom with all new furniture without it costing the earth LOL!

So not much as ever then.

I did have yesterday off of work as I was getting all a bit behind and I have to say that I did get alot more organised and on top of things (thankfully) as after a bit of a cold over the weekend, I didn't achieve too much (apart from getting washing dry in the glorious sunshine).

Anyway, getting on with my album class for Scrap-a-Ganza, so better get on with it but I will leave you with the layout that went onto the A Daily Inspiration blog - go have a look - there is a big dollop of creative talent on that team. Please excuse the badly lit, badly taken photo - but you get the idea!

Also, a big congratulations to Zoe who has been commissioned to do some more magazine work after a certain publishing house saw her work on her blog! If you love cute stamping projects, go and bookmark / follow her blog .

Also a big congratulations to Kirsty too - she's been nominated as one of the blogs on Aceville's craft awards. Go see here.
Right that is it for tonight - gotta go play with bits of paper.
Have fun!
Natalie x

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Busy Busy Busy

I must be getting old!

It wasn't so long ago that I could work all day and half way into the night. I'm not sure if it is the colder evenings or what it is, but I just can't seem to do it anymore.

By the time I have sorted out the boys, done homework, washing, dinner, tidied up, caught up with internet and emails - I'm too tired to do anything else.

My to do list is gradually going down and I should really be doing some more tonight but realise that I'm just too tired.

Managed to get a layout done for my next Scrapbookmate DT spot. Here's a little sneak peek for you:
Full of Chatterbox, Making Memories and 7Gypsies gorgeousness and my normal dose of doodling added to the mix too! Blue - what a strange colour for me to scrap in LOL!

I am eagerly awaiting my first box of goodies from the new Stampin' Up catalogue which I'm hoping is going to arrive tomorrow just in time for my workshop Friday night. I will share some goodies with you if it does turn up - lots of yummyness! I am still offering free P & P with any orders for October - a minimum saving of £3.95 - so be sure to let me know if anything tempts you in the new catalogue. Why not make yourself a cup of tea and click on the link on the right and have a good look through - there is sure to be something that grabs your fancy!

Already behind on my Cathy Z Big Picture Scrapbooking class and the next lesson is tomorrow - oh dear! Must get my Scrap-A-Ganza class, workshop and Scrappers Paradise out of the way first and then perhaps I will be able to catch up.... I hope so anyway - really don't want to get left behind too much and end up not doing it. Perhaps I'll be able to catch up when I'm not teaching at Paradise LOL!

Anyway, that's it for tonight - I'm off to bed!


Natalie x

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Happy World Card Making Day!!!

Stampin' Up! have two fabulous offers on right now. One for World Card Making Day and one for the whole of October.

The special World Card Making Day Offer is the flyer that you can see on the right hand side above. You can purchase a 'Simply Sent' card kit which is a box brimming with card making goodies. They are retiring from the old catalogue, so have already been discounted BUT if you order between 4th-11th October and Stampin' Up! will give you an extra 20% Discount! That means that this kit instead of being the original £49.95, they are now available during this period for just £31.96! Each kit contains a six piece die-cut stamp set, three Stampin' Spot inkpads, an assortment of cardstock, ribbon, brads, adhesive and envelopes. I'm sure that you will agree what a bargain this is and what a fabulous way to get a bunch of cards made together.

Now this additional 20% discount also applies to the BRAND NEW Simply Sent™ Card Elements kit too making it just £10!

On top of that, running for all of october, we have the Stampin' Up! Birthday Celebrations. If you spend over £20 in the new catalogue, you can choose from selected stamp sets and get 20% discount off them!

On offer there is;

Crazy for cupcakes - you can get it for £16.76
Birthday Best - you get it for £8.76
Cheers and wishes - you get it for £11.96

So if you are interested in either of these fab offers, then be sure to get in touch. Email me at and remember the World Card Making Day offer has to be ordered by the end of next Saturday 11th October.

Keep posted for more info and enjoy the weekend - I'm off to a charity crop tomorrow so really hoping that I get some crafting done.

Natalie x

Friday, 3 October 2008

There is so much to tell you but it might just have to wait until tomorrow....

So much going on this week but really want to spend the weekend doing a nice long big post for you.

I'll explain either tomorrow or Sunday but here's a quick run-down of things to expect (otherwise known as My To Do List LOL!).

1. Stampin' Up! NEW catalogue!
2. Stampin' Up! October Offer - 20% off selected stamps - need I say anymore than cupcakes?
3. World Card Making Day tomorrow - and more special Stampin' Up offers.
4. Wednesday's Stampin' Up party and photo of Make and Take card.
5. Stampers 10 Club.
6. New monthly stamping club starting in Crawley.
7. Charity Crop in Horsham on Sunday.
8. Anything else that I might have forgotten :-)

So I will leave you with a link to the new catalogue for you to drool over (or click on the image on the right hand side) and watch this space over the weekend!

New Stampin' Up Catalogue

Until later.

Natalie x

Monday, 29 September 2008

Why did I do it??

Oh no - why did I do it?

After constant hassles by everyone to join Facebook - I finally did it. So that's just another hour to waste on the computer everyday - it's odd (but in a good way) to hook up with people you haven't seen or heard from in years. Much easier to keep in touch with people quickly though too - so okay one and ll - officially hooked - arrrghhh!!!

In other news briefly, the new Stampin' Up catalogue goes live at midday this Wednesday - I can't wait - so much fab stuff! Scallop edge punches, felt flowers, new stamp sets, new textured cardstock and as if that isn't enough, there's reduced prices, rub-ons, new mini ink pads and lots of stars too!

I will be placing several orders in October, so if there is anything that you NEED, especially that scalloped edge punch that everyone will just have to have, then I'm happy to take orders now. They will be £10.95 and I am happy to send them P & P free!

Watch out for lots more this week as I get ready for my first Stampin' Up party on Wednesday (still so much to do), so Scrapbookmate DT, Scrapaganza classes and Scrappers Paradise classes - I am one busy crafting girl at the moment!

Anyway, going to get on - should really be doing some work!

Have fun!

Natalie x

Monday, 22 September 2008

Oh dear, it's been five days again......

but I have been a busy bunny - when does that ever change LOL!

Lots to report. On Friday night I went to some Stampin' Up! training in High Wycombe and got my mitts on a copy of the new catalogue - yee ha! Wow lots and lots of lovely things - prices reduced, catalogue reduced, new scallop edge punch (like the Fiskars threading water punch but without the holes!) and lots of yumminess. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to share anymore until October the 1st but that's not much longer now! Needless to say there will be an order going straight to SU on the 1st of the month!

Above is a picture of my entry to the Demo's Choice competition. It's was a little contest on the night and everyone picked which entry they liked the most. I tried to incorporate as many products and techniques that I could fit onto one scrapbook page and you should be able to see a bigger picture by clicking on the image to see close ups.

I've received my product for the Scrap-a-Ganza christmas card class and there is some great stuff in there. Just waiting for something before I can start throwing around ideas around for that!

Hurrah, my product for one of my Scrappers Paradise classes arrived today - it's lovely, I cannot wait to play and make my class. Still got to wait until the 1st of October before I can even order the other class that I am doing - I'm itching to get it but there is nothing like leaving things to the last minute to get the very latest products!

In other news, we are all completely settled back into life "after holiday". There is nothing like grey skies and rain to get you away from the memories of blue skies and sunshine! Already talking about what we want to do next year! Still got other things to sort out first, like re-decorating Ethan's bedroom. Kian's was done earlier in the year, the kitchen has just been done and we've promised Ethan a whole new room too. So that has all got to be done before we can even think about holidays next year yet.

I am always thinking that life will calm down in just a few weeks but it always seems that something else comes along and then it will be another few weeks and then another few weeks and before you know it, it will be Christmas.

Anyway, that will do for today and I will try and be better this week, I promise!

Have fun!

Natalie x

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Slacked a little this week on the blog.....

But have actually been quite creative instead though. Here is a card I made with BasicGrey's Urban Priarie collection of papers for the A Daily Inspiration blog. Hand cut the butterflies from one of the sheets of card and matted and layered them up leaving the wings to come off of the page.

I made my first card using Stampin' Up! products this week. Kept it very very simple but did one using more male orientated colours and then I did one which was a bit more girly. As I say very very simple as I was just playing.
Made another card too for Mrs Wonka for her birthday but forgot to photograph it. It started off similar to the cupcake card here but is a bit posher.
I'm off to High Wycombe on Friday night for some Stampin' Up! training and there are about 60 women getting very excited to see their first glimpse of the new catalogue (due out 1st October). You've seen a couple of sneak peeks but there are more to come. We are definately getting the scallop edge punch that everyone has been hoping for and lots of other gumminess too.
I've got a few parties lined up in October so need to get alot of samples etc done and hopefully that will be the start of alot of fun. I've got lots of things planned but can't rush into them all at once.
Plans for Scrappers Paradise are coming along great - not long now! We've got some really great classes planned and have changed things around a little due to the feedback that we get each time. Can't wait - they are always fun!
Anyway, I've got my next item to do for A Daily Inspiration with My Mind's Eye papers and I'm expecting a box anyday now with bits for my Scrap-a-Ganza class and new Design Team bits in too!
So, till next time - hopefully not five days for you to wait!
Have fun!
Natalie x

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Out with the old and in with the new

It's all change at Stampin' Up! at the end of this month.

The new catalogue comes out on the 1st October and I'm off to High Wycombe next Friday for some SU training and get my first glance at it!

I can't wait. We are being told that items "may" be cheaper in the next catalogue, so we are all getting very excited to see new stamps and bits to play with.

Here are some sneak peeks that they have shared with us (you should be able to click on these images to get them bigger:
The first set is "Season of Joy" - a gorgeous set for making your christmas cards, wrapping, gift boxes or scrapbook pages.

The next set is the "Totally Tabs" set which fits perfectly on the Tab Punch Tabs and the last set here is the "True Friend" set.
Now to make way for these and lots more new products and stamp sets, there has had to be some retirements from the existing catalogues. These will only be available until stocks sell out. Now this could be two weeks or two years, we really don't know, but my advice would be that if you are thinking of anything on the retired list, then don't wait too long. And just in case you needed more persuading, the lovely people at Stampin' Up! have even reduced the price of these retiring items too! So if there is anything that you desperately want, get in touch now and I can add it to one of my orders for you.
Again, you should be able to click on this to either print it out or to make it bigger on the screen.

In other news here, I've been busy working and settling into our first proper whole first week at school. My body still doesn't like getting up at 7.30am and neither does Kian's!
I have been busy with some Design Team work for Scrapbook Mate and organising Scrappers Paradise in October too. Just waiting for my class supplies to turn up and I can start doing those. I know what I am doing with them, just need to actually do it.
What with several birthdays over this weekend (yes, you know who you are!) and 15 card samples to make before next Friday without all of the other things, I'm going to take myself off for an early night so with any luck I won't be so tired tomorrow!
Sleep tight!
Natalie x

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Love to learn

I'm not sure what it is, but I love to learn new things. It is within my personality, when I am interested in something new, I will look on the internet about it, buy books about it, go on courses about it and do anything I can to broaden my knowledge or skill on my new passion.

I love the challenge of learning something new. Therefore, it must come as no surprise to learn that I am a Big Picture Scrapbooking fan. This is a US on-line scrapbooking company and I have taken lots of their classes. Back in June, I started 52 Card Pick Up and I amazingly managed to keep up to date (there was something to do every day for 11 weeks in total) until I went away on holiday. But then of course I was off for two weeks and I just can't seem to get caught up. The class finished this week, so I've printed everything off and will try and catch up at some point.

Unfortunately, class overload means that UStamp starts tomorrow. This is an on-line class run by two Stampin' Up! demos from the US but there is a UK person too so I'm not really sure what to expect but watch this space and I'll let you know.

Also, on the 1st October, my next Big Picture class is by Cathy Zielske and is all about design called "Design your Life". I am really looking forward to this. Cathy has a very simplistic (yet stylish) way of scrapbooking and also a wicked sense of humour so it should be really fun. Will keep you up to date on that one too.

And just a quick piccy to show you that I did honestly start the 52 card pick up class and here is my front cover to my deck of technique cards.
Anyway, signing off for tonight.
Natalie x

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Things seem to be calming down.....

How cool is this photo. We went away with another family of four and everyone was subjected to an underwater shot - here is Ethan all complete with his UV suit on.

Now the boys are back at school and we've been back the week, I think I am now back to some sort of normality - I'm just about to sit down and craft - hurrah! Let's see if my mojo stayed on holiday or whether it returned with me.

I've got a BasicGrey item to do for A Daily Inspiration that uses the the Urban Prairie range.

Also, must really start making some samples with my Stampin' Up stuff too. The new Stampin' Up catalogue comes out on 1st October and I have three parties booked for the first week - the first one on the 1st. Should be fun. A very good friend of mine offered to host my first party and after telling me to start with it would be 7 or 8 people, she informed that it would be nearer 20 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will be great though, because they are all hard-core crafters so I don't need to tell them about the quality and ranges and how to use everything - they all know already. I think it's just an excuse for a social myself!

Here is a quick card that went on the A Daily Inspiration website. It uses some Imaginisce stamps which are really well priced. That little chick cost me just 99p! It's hard to tell in the picture but the bird is stamped on a mirrored tile. Looks really great but was really hard to photograph as the mirror kept revealing my house. Stamped Happy Birthday background, lots of Bazzill cardstock and some permanent marker pens to colour the bird.

That's it for today. Have a good rest of the weekend despite this awful awful weather!

Natalie x

Friday, 5 September 2008

I'm back..........

Well we've made it back and I have to say that Menorca seems soooooooooooo far away although this time last week I was still sitting by the pool under blue skies and sunshine. What is it with British weather? Take me back to Menorca right now!

Anyway, long time, no speak. Our holiday was absolutely fantastic - just what the doctor ordered. It was a mixture of relaxing, drinking (um, lots of drinking!), more relaxing and then a few trips and Aqua Park visits.

We went to visit an old fort just outside Menorca's capital Mahon. It's called La Mola and is absolutely massive. I didn't think it would be my cup of tea but with three very enthusiastic boys, I poodled along and actually really enjoyed myself.

This picture is our version of Bohemian Rhapsody LOL. This is an underground room with as you can see, a hole in the roof which was letting in light.

After the fort, we stopped at the smallest beach that I think that we've ever been on (probably no bigger than about 40feet wide).

Had to take the picture which will be the title page of our holiday scrapbook album:

This is obviously us and all of our feet - seen the idea of writing in the sand and of family feet before - just put the two together.

I didn't take my big camera away with me. All our photos were taken on a Canon G7 (now superseded by the G9) which is the nearest thing that you can get to a DSLR and it is great. I bought an underwater case for it before we went away too. It was great for keeping sand off the camera when we were on the beach and also protected it from little hands, but obviously primarily, it took some great underwater shots too.

Well, it's been a week since we've been back now and it's been a rush of getting the boys all ready for school and returning to work (boo!). Kian actually had his first day at Junior School yesterday. It was very different to Ethan's first day there two years ago. Kian is very familiar with the Junior School as we have been picking Ethan up from there for the last two years and alot of the area's school events are held there jointly with the two primary schools. So although both Damon and I waved him off, there wasn't any apprehension at all and he had a fab time.

How gorgeous do my boys look at their first day at school. Even with their suntanned faces looking good! Should have got Ethan to take his bag off but we were running out of the door!

Right, well I think that is enough for today although I've got alot more information to share. Thought that I would split it over a few days rather than make you have to sit through War and Peace.

I am also really trying to make a concious effort to blog quite often and I don't want to run out of things to say :-)

Have a great weekend!

Natalie x

Thursday, 14 August 2008

I thought I would get a chance to catch up properly

before we left but unfortunately not. Today has been a day of chasing my tale and re-arranging nail appointments four times - but that is another story.

Anyway, we are out of here tomorrow to go here - sometimes, life is so tough! See you in two weeks.

If anyone is looking for the scrapbook album post, it's a few posts further down the page - thanks Kirsty for the blog pimp!

Anyway, enjoy the view and I'll see you all in two weeks.

Natalie x

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

I'm going to need a holiday after this week.....

That's handy then :-)

Still so much to do. Work is pretty frantic as nobody will do my job when I am away so I will come back to a nightmare anyway, so trying to be as organised as I can be before I go which is proving hard to fit everything in.

A bit like trying to sort out all the holiday things for four people that you have to do. Friday cannot come quick enough although it's getting here very quickly.

The boys are at a Chelsea football club this week for four days and they are absolutely loving it. They seem more excited about it than going on holiday - I'm sure that will change when we arrive on Friday!

So being a dutiful mother and wanting to make things fair, here is a picture of Kian at Ethan's football birthday party at the end of June this year. He is a born goalkeeper and just as keen as his brother now. They both start playing for Maidenbower United in September and they can't wait - I keep telling them it's not Manchester United but what can you do.

If you love on-line classes, then why not havea look at this site . It starts today and looks like it could be fun. Not bad for about £12. Don't know much more than you see but we'll see.

As much as I wanted to, it doesn't look like I will get to play with my Stampin' Up stuff before I go away now, so hopefully when I come back and the boys are back at school, I can start playing. A few friends have offered to have parties for me in September and October, so that should be fun too and definately gives me something to have to get organised for.

Anyway, a pile of ironing is calling my name, so I will try and catch you before we fly.

Have fun!

Natalie x

Saturday, 9 August 2008

So much to do with so little time.......

Well, I managed to put in my first Stampin' Up order and am eagerly awaiting it's arrival. With any luck it will arrive Monday if DHL manage to find the right address this time! Not that I'll have alot of time to do anything with this mind you.

The boys have gone to Hampshire with my mum today. Although they may be a little bit too old now, there was a trip to a steam train station and it just happens to be Thomas the Tank weekend too, so they've been there all day. I hope the weather has been better for them than it has been here all day - it's been awful.

This is our first Saturday without our children at home and you'd think that we would have a fabulous day planned, but with the weather being the way it is, we've done all the housework, started packing for the holiday and generally done some jobs.

I've also done my next two projects for the Scrapbook Mate Design Team and the first one went up today.

It had to be a monochramatic project although we were allowed to use white, cream and black if we wanted to. It's mainly using Making Memories bits with the odd bit of Hambly Prints, Prima and KI Memories thrown in for good luck!

Okay, that's it for today, going to go get on with my list.

Have fun!

Natalie x

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Well, Zoe came around last night......

and we ooohhhed and aaahhhhed over the Stampin' Up Starter kit and played just a little - poor lass has been in hospital and hadn't been out of the house in weeks, so I went and picked her up and she came and stroked with me just for an hour before I had to take her home again - I think she was pleased to get out of her house and I guess nice to have a change of scenery. Managed to put my first order in (with some extras for Zoe of course!) so with any luck that will be here early next week.

Been frantically trying to do everything before I go away next week - why is there always so much to do?

Got a couple of DT pieces to do before I go away, which if I don't get done tonight will get done tomorrow (yay, I've got a day off work!) or over the weekend. My mum is taking the boys on a steam train on Saturday so Damon and I have actually got a day to ourselves on Saturday - it's unheard of, I almost don't know what to do! Although, one look at my "List of things to do before we go away" should give me plenty of ideas!

Mum and a friend are going to be painting our kitchen while we are away (I love my mum!) so I've got to get that organised and the kitchen emptied before we go away too. Then new flooring down when we come back - should look fab. Then onto Ethan's room, which is in desperate need of an overhaul.

Anyway, hadn't put any pictures on the blog yet, so thought that I would leave you with a layout that I did for the Scrapbook Mate DT blog. It's a layout about my oldest son and what he is like now that he has just turned 9 - can't believe it, what happened to my little baby boy?
You can click on the pictures to see them bigger if you want to.
It was KI Memories week and I was trying to show that you can use their Lace cardstock as it is but you can also use it as a template. I covered some with embossing paste and then peeled back the cardstock to leave an embossed image (see the white patterned squared with the buttons on.)

The photos are never as good as the real thing but you can see a close up of the white doodling and the embossing paste above too.

Just had a thought too. I've currently got quite a few 12 x 12" scrapbook albums for sale. They are all brand new, still in packaging and are canvas covered. I'm after £5 each and the postage is £5 for up to three albums to be posted out. If you want anymore, then I'll have to work out what it is, but I have the following colours:
Light blue, Navy blue, Red, Cream, Purple, Light Pink, Hot Pink, Khaki.

Here is a picture of one and just to give you an idea, I've got "about" 10ish of each colour. If you are interested in any, please contact me via the Email Me link above. Don't forget that I go on holiday next Friday, so if you want them before I go, best be quick. I can take cheque, paypal or bank transfer. Great for those scrapbooking layouts, you Stampin' Up ladies!
Okay, that's a few pictures for you then. Got to go and cross some more things off my To Do List.

Have fun!

Natalie x

Tuesday, 5 August 2008


My Stampin' Up starter kit arrived today! Had a good nose but had to pack it all away. Zoe's going to come around tomorrow and help me stroke it.

Planning on putting my first order in tomorrow night and then with any luck it might just get here before I go on holiday next week. We're off to Menorca for two weeks and I just can't wait. Two years since we've had a holiday and five years since we've been away for two weeks.

Excited? Me? Never!

Have fun.

Natalie x

Monday, 4 August 2008

Well, let's see if I am any better at updating this blog....

Having had a blog before and not updating it enough, I have left it alone for a year. Now that I have gone part-time at work and my boys are getting bigger, then I am hoping (!) that I will have a bit more time to be creative and that I can share some of my creativity on here.

I have just signed up as a Stampin' Up Demonstrator as I love love love their products. Love that it all co-ordinates for you and you don't have to think about that. Just waiting for my starter kit and then I can get working on my samples.

I'll come back and update when I've got more to share.

Natalie x