Friday, 7 November 2008

It's friday already.......

I really cannot believe it -where has this week gone.

I've been busy preparing for a Stampin' Up! class tomorrow and also doing my class for Scrap-a-Ganza which is next weekend.

It's also Kian's birthday next Friday too - I cannot believ my little baby will be 8 - and that's the youngest one - how can all of this be happening when I'm still 21???? :-)

I guess I should mention the new American President. I have to say that as someone who doesn't get too involved in politics (I know, flame me now!) I did feel quite emotional that a man with a dream (which not so long ago would have been an impossibility), believed in himself and made it happen. I guess it just goes to prove that if you want something bad enough, whatever the odds against you, with sheer determination (and a few million dollars!) you can achieve it.

I am still without the main computer so still unable to upload any photos.

A reasonably quiet weekend planned this weekend (thankfully) so just some football for the boys and my party tomorrow am - rest of the time, doing the housework etc etc.

Got lots of things planned but can't share them just yet. Sorry!

Have a good weekend!

Natalie x

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