Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Welcome 2009!


Okay, well I know I've been slack. I am actually revelling in the fact that I don't feel poorly at the moment!

The computer has been very up and down too which hasn't helped - we need to get a new one but we'll see what bargains there are to be had in the sales before we decide on that one!

Christmas here was just fab - lots of wine, lots of laugh, lots of family and friends and lots of joyfullness. I won't give you a blow by blow account of what we've been up to apart from to say that things are starting to calm down for us.

I'm not back in work again until Monday 5th and am trying to use the time to get a little more organised and a little more prepared than I seem to have been over the last two months.

I'm desperately trying to do my first Newsletter and organise that, so if you haven't signed up for it yet, now is a good time to do so.

I'm trying to catch up (and even get ahead!!!) on some Design Team projects so that I can then concentrate on Stampin' Up stuff in January. Stampin' Up! have a great offer on throughout January and February and I'll come and get things posted on here for you so you can see in the next day or two when I figure out how to transfer them over here!

Anyway, enjoy yourself this evening if you are going wild and partying and I will be back with you in 2009 - more frequently I hope and promise to try!

Have fun!


Tuesday, 23 December 2008

It's beginning to feel alot like christmas.......

Headaches, coughs, colds, sickness, tiredness AND no computer at home!

If I told you that the washing machine, the desktop, the laptop and the TV all blew up / broke within the last couple of months, would you believe me?

So I'm sitting here at work, tapping away quickly - as obviously I should be working (oops!) just to give you all a quick update and explain my absence.

Whilst we are all starting to get in the christmas spirit, having now been ill for about a month, every spare moment of time is spent doing nothing but trying to recouperate!

I had so many grand plans for what I was going to do this month and to all my new Stampers 6 girls, I know I promised you details two weeks ago (I promise to do those soon - they are my next priority - honest!).

I haven't made any christmas cards and I only started my christmas shopping on Saturday - very shameful for me - never left it this late before but have to admit to liking the sales at the moment!

Anyway, I'd better get on - just thought I would pop on and let you all know that I am alive but computerless at the moment but a big


and I promise to try better next year :-)

Have fun!

Natalie x

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Well have I been poorly this week?

It's been awful. I never used to get ill - never used to have the time but it just seems at the moment that I just don't feel 100%. As soon as I get over something then I'm back ill with something else.

So after migraines and sinusitus, and then a little self inflicted alcohol poisoning, then today I am feeling that I've been beaten up as I have been non-stop coughing since yesterday afternoon. Mix that with two boys (who I hasten to add are never ill) up at 4am coughing along with me, then it's a poorly house all over!

We did manage to fit in a trip to Lapland UK (not the New Forest one!) and have to say that we thought it was absolutely fantastic - the boys loved it and it truly was magical. It is a little expensive but have to say that it is worth every penny to go once. So if you have any kids under about 9 have a look at and put yourself on the mailing list for next year - fabulous!

Anyway, can you believe that I still haven't done any of my christmas shopping or made any of my xmas cards yet - terrible, I know - life is very busy right now as I'm sure it is for most people. I don't know what it is, but despite the 12 months notice each year, xmas always seems to creep up on us and then pounce!

Right - I'm going to get on anyhow and hope to report back with some xmas progress soon.

Have fun!

Natalie x

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

More at last!

I'm sorry that these are later than they were promised - it's dark when I get home during the week and the weather at the weekend was just awful so I had real difficulty getting good enough light to take anything that resembles good pictures.
So these were the other three sets of three cards for the Stamp-a-Stack evening.
I'm busy doing some DT work for ScrapbookMate this week with lovely new Rusty Pickle papers and my new Making Memories Slice Machine and Fa La La Design cartridge - how fab is that little machine?
As a person with no electronic die cutting machines, I finally caved in and got a Slice - I know that there are some negatives about the machine but it is perfect for what I need! I love it!
Anyway, I'm off to bed now and will show you my DT bits once it's on the website and will try and update again in the next few days. Lots to decide and organise this next week or so and will update you as soon as things are finalised!
Have fun!
Natalie x