Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Well have I been poorly this week?

It's been awful. I never used to get ill - never used to have the time but it just seems at the moment that I just don't feel 100%. As soon as I get over something then I'm back ill with something else.

So after migraines and sinusitus, and then a little self inflicted alcohol poisoning, then today I am feeling that I've been beaten up as I have been non-stop coughing since yesterday afternoon. Mix that with two boys (who I hasten to add are never ill) up at 4am coughing along with me, then it's a poorly house all over!

We did manage to fit in a trip to Lapland UK (not the New Forest one!) and have to say that we thought it was absolutely fantastic - the boys loved it and it truly was magical. It is a little expensive but have to say that it is worth every penny to go once. So if you have any kids under about 9 have a look at and put yourself on the mailing list for next year - fabulous!

Anyway, can you believe that I still haven't done any of my christmas shopping or made any of my xmas cards yet - terrible, I know - life is very busy right now as I'm sure it is for most people. I don't know what it is, but despite the 12 months notice each year, xmas always seems to creep up on us and then pounce!

Right - I'm going to get on anyhow and hope to report back with some xmas progress soon.

Have fun!

Natalie x

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