Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Oh dear (again!)

My hopes of updating this blog a few times a week just isn't working is it.

I am really busy 1) working at my "proper job" 2) being a mum who does more homework than her kids 3) finalising my classes for Scrap-a-ganza and Scrappers Paradise 4) organising and running Stampin' Up! parties, orders and deliveries 5) not even thinking about my Cathy Z class that I haven't even started yet and we are nearing the end of week 2 or the fact that I haven't even thought about Kian's birthday next month or that dreaded C word (Christmas!). And lets not talk about organising decorators (hi mum!) and carpet layers and trying to workout how to furnish Ethan's bedroom with all new furniture without it costing the earth LOL!

So not much as ever then.

I did have yesterday off of work as I was getting all a bit behind and I have to say that I did get alot more organised and on top of things (thankfully) as after a bit of a cold over the weekend, I didn't achieve too much (apart from getting washing dry in the glorious sunshine).

Anyway, getting on with my album class for Scrap-a-Ganza, so better get on with it but I will leave you with the layout that went onto the A Daily Inspiration blog - go have a look - there is a big dollop of creative talent on that team. Please excuse the badly lit, badly taken photo - but you get the idea!

Also, a big congratulations to Zoe who has been commissioned to do some more magazine work after a certain publishing house saw her work on her blog! If you love cute stamping projects, go and bookmark / follow her blog .

Also a big congratulations to Kirsty too - she's been nominated as one of the blogs on Aceville's craft awards. Go see here.
Right that is it for tonight - gotta go play with bits of paper.
Have fun!
Natalie x

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