Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Well, what do you think?

I love love love my new blog layout!

What do you think?

Michelle at Laycock Design provides graphics for alot of US Stampin' Up! sites, so I got her to cheer mine up :) You can click on her logo at the bottom of the right hand column if you want to see what else she does.

Now I really do have to update this regularly :)

In other matters, we have 6 - 8" of snow here - enough to close the boys school but not enough to stop my boss coming to collect me to go to work in her jeep - great!!!!!

I promised the boys that I would build a snowman with them when I came back from work and we did - he's over 6 foot tall.  Got some photos and will upload tomorrow.

Off to bed shortly - some of us have got work tomorrow!!

Have fun x


Anonymous said...

Very cute Natalie!!

Justine said...

loving your new look Natalie!!


VERY YOU my love it looks fabulous!!!!