Thursday, 14 January 2010

Swollen gums and chocolate cake!

Well having struggled into work last week with all the snow, we finally managed to get back to some kind of normality on Monday with the schools being back open and finally being able to get our car out of the driveway.  Hurrah - it lasted two days!

Tuesday was a good day in that I could catch up with a few bits that I hadn't been able to do for the previous week without a car.

Oh and get the heating fixed after a weekend of staying in one room all weekend :)

And drop the computer into PC world.  To get fixed.  Because of course, it's one week out of warranty!

And then it snowed again :(!

And then Ethan's cheek started swelling....

So I stayed home yesterday and rang the dentist.

They were closed!

So I rang the doctors.

They were closed!


So the only thing for it was - make and eat chocolate cake!

So we did - with smarties and chocolate stars!

Today is a better day.

Still Ethan and I are at home but been to the dentist.

Tooth fixed.

Antibiotics got!

Wii game rented.

And peace :)

Keep well and warm,


Suzie Q said...

"Man! I love da cake!"
no wonder poor child got bad teeth if mummy dishes this out for dinner! lol x
looks scrummy
Suzie qx

The Crafting Cook said...

Glad you got the heating back & things are back to normal! Is this cake gonna see its way to Scrap club on Monday???????

Teresa xx