Saturday, 8 May 2010

What a whirlwind

Well the idea of sorting out my craft stuff before it went back into the conservatory didn't quite work!  Although I had all day Thursday to sort it out, because I had the workshop on Thursday night and the fact that everything was piled up in the front room, I had to put alot back without going through it!

Here are the ladies at my workshop.  Most are my friends (well they are all my friends really) but I was adamant I was going to get the non-believers to make a card LOL!  I might have had to have plied them with alcohol to do it, but I'm very proud to say that here they are cutting and sticking :)

I think they "understand" a little bit more now even if they don't completely "get it" LOL.  But I had to capture them by photographic evidence so that I (and they) remember this for a while LOL.

Anyway, Friday was supposed to be a get things done sort of day, but it didn't really start until about 7pm.  I had stuff for the table top sale to get organised and a class to make and it seemed that the world and his mother phoned, knocked on the door or emailed and it seemed I didn't get going all day.

Thankfully I stayed up late last night and then got up VERY early (unheard of in my house for me to be the first up!) and did manage to finish what I needed to do before I left today.

The Craft Sale was fun!  It's amazing how much rubbish craft stuff we all accumulate over the years.  I didn't particularly have high expectations, so I'm happy with how I did and the only purchase I made all day was for 8 chocolate cupcakes.  Mrs Wonka made them and I love her cupcakes.  I'm hoping that she took a photo that she is going to put on her blog so that I can steal the photo and show you.  They didn't last long enough in this house for me to get a photo!!!!

Here we all are not long after we opened.  It was a lovely big hall and lots of us with our wares to sell.  I had a small Stampin' Up! raffle there and Kian picked the winner's name out when we got home (always get the kids to do it so I know it's nothing to do with me picking / not picking a winner!) and Anne C from Smallfield won the prize. Congratulations Anne!

Right, after only a few hours sleep last night, I'm off to bed to do some catch up zzzz's.

I'll be back tomorrow with more from O'Shea HQ!

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