Tuesday, 4 May 2010

And so the transformation begins.....

Well, today is the start of clearing out of the conservatory.  After two years of moving down here out of a bedroom upstairs, I am finally turning the conservatory into more of an office for me.

First step is to fit 10 metres of black worktop around the edge.  Then I'm not sure what the next step is LOL!  I'm having a clear out of the mess and then seeing what space I need when I've thrown alot of stuff.

Also got the 2nd hand craft sale on Saturday where hopefully some things will find new homes.  Once I've lived with it for a bit, I'll then decide if I need cupboards or boxes or drawers or what.

So cleaning hat is on - where does all that dust and muck behind cupboards and shelves come from - yuk!

Just to finish for today with some more eye candy.  This was the last card in the Wedding Swap I took part in.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure whose card this was as there was no name on the back - let me know if you know who it was.  The Bella Toile background stamp is beautiful and made even more subtle by an overlay of vellum. 

Well until tomorrow when I should be able to do a before an after stage 1 of the conservatory renovation :)


Suzie Q said...

Very delicate and pretty i like it x

Loraine Arderne said...