Monday, 10 May 2010

What has happened to the weather?

It doesn't know whether to be hot or cold at the moment does it? 

After a rainy and very cold weekend, I am happy to report that I can see blue skies and a bit of sunshine this morning - hurrah!

It will take me forever to sort out the conservatory with bits, but some of you were asking for more photos, so here is a bit more.  See that empty worktop space is slowly filling up :)

I need a thorough clear out but I've got other things to get on with for the time being - maybe I'll get a skip and be done with it LOL!

Anyway, lots of odds and ends to do today, so I'll see you tomorrow.


steph said...

Love your work space! It looks great!

Suzie Q said...

You'll get there in the end!!!
its looking fab x
Suzie qx

Jenny said...

If your conservatory looks that good, I'd say being kicked out of the bedroom was definitely a good thing! Is that every colour of SU inks, refills and pens? That's very impressive! It is so interesting looking at other's craft spaces.