Monday, 3 May 2010

So where were we?

Before we were so rudely interupted by New Products? *wink*

Well, I stood for an hour in the rain yesterday, to see Kian lose the Cup final.  They always play their worst in the afternoons and the fact that it was raining just made it worse.  The other team were more hungary for the win and they just slid in a goal in the first minute of the second half and that is where the score settled.  I think our team were just happy to have won the league and non of them seemed too fussed about the cup LOL!  Nevermind, we are only talking about Under 9's football!

The rest of this weekend, I seem to have been working!  I feel like I have worked solidly for five days and not had a weekend at all but I have definately been productive and there have definately been some jobs knocked off my To Do list thankfully.  I am starting to see the wood for the trees as the saying goes - at last.

I've a busy week the rest of this week.  Work is starting on putting some worktops into our conservatory.  It's now my "office / craft room / whatever you want to call it" and all I know at the moment is that I want alot of worktop.  As to whether I want cupboards or curtains or what under the worktop, I have no idea yet, so I'm having the worktops installed and then working with it to see what I want.  There is alot of clearing out to do but that is good as I am at a Second Hand Craft Sale this Saturday that Zoe has organised in Horley, Surrey.  So, if you fancy a bargain, get yourself down there.  Now I say second hand, I'm pretty sure that half the stuff will be un-opened and brand new LOL!  Email me for more info if you want to come and grab yourself some crafting bargains.

Stamp With Us Birthday Bash started last night!  We are now officially ONE!   This is our fifth set of online classes and they are still such fun.  We had our party night last night and Monica's first class went up today - very birthday inspired :)  Don't want to miss out on the fun?  Join us at for fun and frolics :).  It's my first class tomorrow.

I am busy with magazine work for alot of this week which includes a meeting in North London on Thursday which finishes at 4pm.  That leaves me three hours to get home and be ready to start my own workshop that I've got at home in the evening with lots of lovely ladies coming to.  I'm going to try and convert some of them into "paper botherers and ribbon fiddlers" as my friend Claire puts it - she's coming, I'm going to convert her if it kills me LOL!

So, lots to do but I will leave you with at least some eye candy.  Here is another swap from the Wedding swap.  This one is by Monica:

Have fun!

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