Wednesday, 4 February 2009

So my head is just starting to feel like it is attached to my body :0)

We had an absolutely fabulous day yesterday but I am feeling a little worse for wear today! I did have today off of work to recover and have to admit to staying in bed until 11 o'clock which was just perfect - doesn't happen very often around here anymore.

So, I've got a Stampin' Up! party tomorrow night and need to go and prepare for that, so I will update with more tomorrow but didn't want to miss out on my posting everyday!

I'll leave you with a quick photo from yesterday - may I present three of our Claridges chefs - otherwise know as my brother, the Birthday Boy, my husband and my step-dad!
They had fun!
Natalie x

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Justine said...

Glad you had a lovely day Natalie! The SU Party, wouldn't be the one at Teresas' would it? if it is, I'll see you there!