Monday, 23 February 2009

Just a quick update...

I honestly did have every intention of posting over the weekend.

Our lives are overtaken by football at the moment. Both boys have football practice on a Saturday morning and matches on Sunday. That together with Ethan being put forward as one of three on his team to the new Crawley Academy and extra training on Tuesdays, it's pretty hectic. Though we've joined the local club, they seem to have taken a liking for training over the other side of town which is a pain but have to say that both of the boys absolutely love football. They play it every minute of every day - every break time, after school on their way home and then they are back out there again straight away.

I'm convincing myself that it is all worthwhile that when they earn their first million, they will pay their mum and dad's mortgage off for them LOL! I live in hope :-)

There are lots of really exciting things that I am involved in at the moment but can't share most of them at the moment - sorry. That's why it seems that I am not updating much at the moment but am very very busy LOL!

I've been off today as the boys had an INSET day, but it was spent food shopping, three loads of washing and three loads through the dishwasher!! And yes, housework was done over the weekend too - a mothers job is never done is it.

So back to work tomorrow, but only for three days.

Every November, Damon and I celebrate our wedding anniversary and go away somewhere for the weekend. It is always paid for with Tescos clubcard vouchers and we've been to Prague, Amsterdam, Bath, Windsor, Frimley and more.

However, last November our resident babysitter (Hi Mum!) had the cheek to go on holiday so we had to delay it and we are going to Oxford this weekend and staying here.

It will be great to just get away from everything and completely relax with my hubby.
So, I've been finishing off some cards for my "Cards for the Boys!" class on Thursday night and I am offering support to a new Stampin' Up lady on Wednesday night at her first home party - go go Maggie!
Right, better go, bed is calling me after a migraine yesterday afternoon, I think I still need an earlyish night.
Have fun!
Natalie x

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Justine said...

well you are a busy bee aren't you?!! he he, see you on Thursday!