Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Sun & Freckles are out :)

I hope that you are all enjoying the sunshine we are having down in Southern England.  I cannot believe that my sons have got a tan in April!!!!

It's been so sunny, Ethan's freckles think it's the summer and are out in full force :)  It has been a few days of me noticing both boys growing up.  Firstly last Thursday, we were off into town for our next pair of school shoes (yes we go through more than one pair a year!) and we bought "slip on" shoes - like proper mans shoes - it scared me LOL. 

Then, at the weekend, he came down from the bath, it was reasonably late so the only real light for this photo was from the computer screen.  How grown up does he look?  I'm forgetting that he starts High School (secondary school for oldies like me!) in September and in fact in just a couple of months he will turn 11 and despite being such a great natured boy generally, the attitude is starting to rear it's ugly head - arrrghhhh!

And for those that are interested in cards, here is one from one of my downline, Cate, who recently hosted a wedding invite swap on ILWS Unfortunately somebody was sick and couldn't do their swap, so I jumped in and did the little blue cards that you saw at the weekend.  Here is a card from Cate just thanking me for joining the swap so late in the day.  I've had some lovely cards back this morning so I will be sharing those with you over the next few days.

Have fun!

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Vicki said...

Ooow Natalie think I might be getting one of those little blue invites....lol My son started high school September gone and as far as attitude goes lets just say they get even more to grips with it at 12.....lol

Vicki x