Friday, 16 April 2010

Feeling blue

I'm definately a blue kind of girl or so it seems at the moment!  Blue and green are definately my go-to colours and above is a simple card I did for a Wedding Invitation swap on In Love With Stamping.

I love the Bride / Bridesmaid papers and brayered them with Tempting Turqoise ink to create this simple, but easily duplicatable invites.  I even used these as inspiration for my cousin's birthday card, which I'll show you tomorrow.  She's going to be 21 and that makes me feel very old considering I used to babysit for her 20 years ago!

Anyway, we are heading towards the end of the school holidays and as usual, they haven't been as bad as I expected, especially considering we were without a car Monday to Thursday and I had all these plans but thankfully, the sun has been shining and my kids have been playing out in our road with other kids for the road.  I love that we live in a closed road where there is little traffic but lots of kids of my kids' ages.  It takes me back to when I used to do the same - forever on my brothers skateboard and round other kids in the street's houses and such like.

Isn't that what school holidays are all about? - freedom, independence and playing games with fellow friends?  Can't believe that they are back to school on Monday and Scrappers Paradise will have started this time in a weeks time!  Good job I've sidelined next week for packing kits and such for it!

Hope you all enjoy the weekend, the weather is supposed to be good.  We've got football, football practice, cousin's Open House party and no plans on Sunday as yet!  Although a visit to the cinema to see Clash of the Titans might be in order - it could be a bit different to the original from what I've seen :)

Have fun whatever you are doing!


Suzie Q said...

Hi Natalie,
ooh what a lovely colour!!
sounds like you have a funpacked weekend - no rest for the wicked!!
Suzie qx

Biscuitlid said...

oooh these are scrummy Natalie - hope I'm in the same swap group as you!