Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Some birthday cards

Well, it's the day before I trot off to Monaco for a couple of days! I still need to do some shopping, some packing, still make my swaps and more!

In the meantime, I have done some blog posts so that you have something to look at whilst I am away.

So first up is my cards handmade from my sons!

I think there is potential here:

This is Kian's single layer card.  A man of few words compared to his brother :)

Below is Ethan's card:

I'm guessing that they teach them how to use Clip Art at school!
And Word Art too :)

And of course, not to forget the finishing touches.  Boy, what a sense of humour!
Yes, the World Cup did overshadow my Day a bit!

Anyway, tomorrow I will be back with the swap that I did for the Monaco incentive trip - it took a while to think about what I wanted to do but once I'd decided, it came together rather well, I think!

Have fun!

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