Thursday, 24 June 2010

Onto Day 2...

Well I seem to be the slowest at blogging about our wonderful trip, I hope you've managed to catch some snippets from some of the other lovely ladies that went away too.

So, onto Day 2 then....

We woke to a wonderful breakfast - everything you could imagine - the orange juice was fabulous and it is obviously customary when you have bacon to have one rasher lightly cooked, one rasher well cooked and one burnt to within an inch of it's life LOL - I'm guessing a few people like crispy bacon LOL!

So after a small shower of rain and a few changes of clothes by most, the weather perked up and we were off to the Fragonard Perfume Factory.  Here are the UK girls that came on the trip too - Monica, Michelle, Amanda, Jenny, Julie, Paula and Dawn.

We were led into a classroom where I was whisked back to my old chemistry lessons. Beakers, Pippettes and a row of bottles and we had a lesson in how to make your own perfume, base notes, middle notes and top notes - all familiar as I've had done some aromertherapy courses in my time :)

There was a whole range of fragrances, from the Eau de Crapolla from Sterling to quite a nice one that Dawn made.  After I smelt Dawn's I added a big squirt of Mandarin to mine which now smells a bit less like mosquito spray and is now more of a room spray LOL!

In hindsight I should have perhaps called my Eau Shea (!)

We then had a short tour of the Perfume Factory which made soaps and lotions aswell as male and female fragrances and we could shop if we wished.

From the factory, it was a short distance to Eze Village which was just beautiful.

There was a bit of a trek to near the top of the hill but my, was the walk worth it.  Eze was beautiful and the venue for our lunch just as beautiful too - this lunch seemed to have been the highlight of alot of the Demonstrators trips - it was just idyllic.

We then had about an hour free to shop and Monica, Julie & I found this beautiful shop where Julie found a bag that matched my outfit for Thursday evening perfectly.  I had been given some birthday Euros from my brother so they came in handy!

We had an hour or so by the pool when we came back although of course the clouds decided to come over just for that hour so I had time to get leisurely ready for the evening ahead.

We were back out to Cafe De Paris for a quick tea where I had a salad but a few people had Steak Tartare - I'd not had it before and even though it looked like an uncooked hamburger, it was actually very nice if you shut your eyes!

Then it was back to the hotel for a quick change into our pyjamas - yep it was time to get down and comfortable for an evening of stamping!

I spent too much time just chatting and taking it all in so I didn't do my Make & Takes but took them home so that we could do them there. We were lucky enough to be given a Serene Snowflakes stamp set, four inkpads, a pot of shimmer paint, some rub-ons and a journal book.

Once the PJ party was over, Amanda invited us all back to her room where the festivities continued...Consuela the maid serviced Monica and I in the bath (now who does have photos of that, I know they are somewhere LOL!) and there was more chatting and lots more laughing...

Then it was back to the rooms to find some amazing pillow gifts:

A fab bag perfect as a beach bag or workshop bag

A beach towel patterned the same as the Pink Flamingo Designer Series Paper:

Some fab flip flops with the Kaleidoscope Designer Series Paper pattern on them.  What is really cute though is that they have Stampin' Up! cut out of the sole so when I wear them on my holidays in August, I'll leave a Stampin' Up! trail behind me LOL!

And last but not least, this fab black cardigan perfect for workshops:

So, all in all, quite an eventful Day 2 don't you think?

Back again for our final day shortly :)

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I cannot believe that you wore PJ's!! Mi x