Tuesday, 13 October 2009

How funny is this???

No, not this scrapbook page :) !
Do you know? One of the things that has stopped me updating my blog has been the lack of comments - I kind of sat here thinking that nobody looked at it and was kind of wondering if it was worth bothering.

I've just been and found 20 comments to be moderated LOL!!

I forgot that when someone was trying (and failing) to be funny months ago and put horrible messages in the comments box, I switched to moderating comments - um, but I forgot that LOL!

So, now I know that people are looking, and appreciating, then maybe I'll update a bit more - duh!
So, above is a scrapbook layout that we did at Scrap Club on Monday night. Our Scrap Club has been going for about 5 1/2 years now and we always have fun. We lost our way a little for about a year but Zoe and I have taken charge again and we're doing some fab layouts and mini books - all with Stampin' Up! stuff of course!
I must also apologise for my lack of 2nd post on the Safari - I had a puncture and couldn't fix it :) so I failed to get to my destination that day! Oops.
I know that I am always saying that time just goes by far too quick but that never seems to change - what is going on? Anyone know how to get another few hours in each day - preferably when the phone doesn't ring, new emails don't arrive and there is peace and quiet for me to just "catch up!?
Anyway, still got a list of things that I told myself that I was going to do today as my To Do list is getting bigger and bigger and not going down at all. Did manage to cross a few things off of it today, but then added on just as many too.
And to think that we are heading towards Halloween, Kian's birthday and Christmas too - arrrghhhhh!!!!
Have fun,
Natalie x
P.S. Does anyone know why even though I've got gaps in between my paragraphs where I type, they don't show up on this blog post? Bemuses me every time it does it!


Suzie Q said...

yay your back!!!
so i'm not the only one who struggles with pooters! lolx
quality scrap page must finish mine!!
Suzie Qx

Mrs Wonka said...

So pleased you found us all!

Z x

Mary Davidson said...

This is an absolutely lovely scrapbook page. I struggle with pages so I've not been encouraging my girls to get into scrapbooking. You make it look so easy! Thank you for the inspiration! Mary