Wednesday, 22 July 2009

This time a week ago......

I was still recovering from this!!!! Our first Stamp With Us Retreat was a complete blast. Everyone had a fantastic time (well, that is what they told us!) and they were already asking when the next one would be half an hour into the first class! Well, we did spoil them as you can see from some of the goodies shown here!

Life is whizzing by as usual. The kids broke up from school tody - ahhh six weeks of "I'm bored!" - can't wait! My husband was made redundant three weeks ago so he has the delights of looking after then whilst I go to work at the moment until he finds work. He's been for a few interviews and has more to go to so I don't hold out on him being home for the whole of the summer holiday, but that would save a childcare problem :) I'll keep you updated on that one.

Below is a picture of this months Kits "By Mail". I have done a new website which has alot of stuff on. I was finding that I couldn't keep everything on a blog up the top and there was just too much to keep going on about, so decided I would start a proper website which had a shopping cart and all sorts! Anyway, below is the Petal Party kit which is July's kit. All supplies to make 18 cards - and how summery - this is one of my most favourite kits that SU do - really bright and fresh.

Well, the boys are at their final football tournament on Saturday then I think we get a month or so off until it all starts again - hurrah! They love it but it does take over our lives somewhat!

Anyway, swine flu has hit our next door neighbour and our boys school so it really is a reality now - I don't think you think too much about it until it's on your doorstep - and now it quite literally is. The neighbour is fine though just a day later - those drugs must be good!

Anyway, I've got the on-line classes that I am prepping for at the moment together with a Wheel Class on Monday so had better go - I've got some kits to pack! Have a look at to sign up for the on-line classes starting August 1st - 10 PDF classes and more for just £15!

Have fun and I'll try and be back soon again!

Natalie x

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